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[Savannah-hackers] Re: GNU Website under CVS?

From: Mark H. Weaver
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: GNU Website under CVS?
Date: 24 Feb 2001 01:38:37 -0500
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"Bradley M. Kuhn" <address@hidden> writes:

> It appears the GNU website is now under CVS.  Can someone please post:
>   * the new procedure for updating the site.  Should it always be checked
>     out?  Should updates now never be done to gnudist:/var/www?
>   * What the CVS server is and other such information.
>   * How one requests access to modules one does not have access to but
>     needs.
> I am somewhat surprised that it's under CVS but nothing's been sent out
> about it.  Are changes I made today in gnudist:/var/www going to be lost?

We'll have to wait for Loic for a definitive answer, but I have at
least some information.

Your changes made in gnudist:~www will definitely not be lost.  That
directory is now a cvs working directory, checked out from the
repository and periodically updated with "cvs update".  I'm not sure
if changes there are automatically committed periodically, but it's
probably a good idea for you to commit it yourself anyway.  That way
you can give it a suitable log message, and it also eliminates the
possibility of merge conflicts turning up on the http-available copy.

Loic has sent out several messages about this, and I believe the
current status is that it is okay to modify gnudist:~www, although
that method will be deprecated at some point.  The reason I
recommended that Paul start using CVS is because he'll need to learn
that eventually anyway, and it solves his immediate problem of emacs
treating software/software.html as read-only.


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