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Re: [Savannah-hackers] Naming our sourceforge clone (was Re: Savannah an

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] Naming our sourceforge clone (was Re: Savannah and non-GNU software)
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 14:22:49 -0800
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On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 04:39:41PM -0500, Mark H. Weaver wrote:

> > Should I register this name then? (I'll be happy to hand it over
> > later)
> > 
> > Or will the FSF do it?
> I think it would be silly for you to register it, when we can do so
> just as easily.  It will save us the hassle of trying to transfer it
> later.  However, I'll first wait until I get a final okay on this.
> Also, does anyone have recommendations on a good registrar to use?

One of my coworkers is involved with OpenNIC and runs .geek. =)

Of course, you can't see it from more than 1 or 2 percent of the Internet... 

Jeff Bailey

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