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[Savannah-hackers] Re: creating mailing lists for the savannah web inter

From: Guillaume Morin
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: creating mailing lists for the savannah web interface
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 21:26:57 +0200
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Dans un message du 21 avr à 13:04, Joel N. Weber II écrivait :
> I hope you realize that the director added on fencepost is not
> sufficient; we also need to update /com/sys/cron/hourly to copy the
> file to delysid, and update delysid:/usr/pkg/etc/exim/configure ?

I did not know that. I should have RTFMed more. I will look after this

> There's also a script I wrote at /com/sys/cron/mail-if-output which
> you'd probably find useful; you can put something like this in
> /com/sys/cron/hourly:
> /com/mailer/mailman/bin/ 2>&1 | 
> /com/sys/cron/mail-if-output savannah-daily-reports

Ok, I'll do that.

> I also think it might be wise to put your script somewhere outside of
> the mailman directory, so that it won't get clobbered in the event
> that someone upgrades mailman without paying any attention to your
> script.

I don't agree with this. I've added a note in sysadmin.texi about
Mailman installation. All needed files can be installed using a Makefile
in /usr/local/src/savannah_mailman.

Thanks for your help.

Guillaume Morin <address@hidden>

              Linux is user friendly. Linux is not idiot friendly
                   If you don't understand that, use Windows

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