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[Savannah-hackers] How to update?

From: loic
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] How to update?
Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 21:02:15 +0200

Bob Proulx writes:
 > How is the documentation under
 > accessed?  Or is there a different directory organization that I
 > should be using?

        There is an ongoing discussion related to the /manual/ directory
and Savannah. I think it was on address@hidden

 > Also, I was curious as to when cron updates occur.  The documentation
 > mentions four times a day or every six hours without actually saying
 > when.  I know it is advantageous to remain flexible on exactly when
 > things occur.  I won't hold this as permanently accurate information
 > but it would help me plan to know on what hours those updates occur.
 > [I am currently waiting for an update so that my SSH key will be
 > installed.]

        This is nothing related to Savannah currently, you should try
to find out who's in charge of the /manual/ directory. I'm a bit ashamed
not to remember it right now but we had an intense week-end creating the
FSF Europe and I'm running out of fuel :-}

        Take care,

Loic   Dachary  address@hidden
24 av Secretan      address@hidden
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