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[Savannah-hackers] Re: XPHP3

From: Hugo Gayosso
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: XPHP3
Date: 14 May 2001 21:23:19 -0400
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[I am merging two emails that Bob sent me]

Bob Klos <address@hidden> writes:

> HI Hugo,


> I starting working on XPHP3 a bit, primarily categorizing the
> existing source to 3.0.18 and making a todo list.


> I was wondering, is XPHP3 approved for savannah? If not, I'll put it
> on sourceforge once I get a release working. If I can't get win32 to
> work, I'm not going to sweat too much over it.

Savannah-hackers are just waiting for a green light.

> Also, I was looking for some insight into what GNU has in mind for
> XPHP3. Personally, I feel a PHP4 work alike is a proper goal since
> Zend can pull the pull the plug on php4 quite easily.
> But I'd like to hear your views.

I think that Savannah-hackers can go ahead and approve the project,
unless RMS has any concern.

GVC (GNU Volunteer Coordinators) have been sending people interested
in PHP3 to you, so basically you have become the head of the
effort. :-)

Please don't open the project in SourceForge yet, let's see if RMS has
any comments, and if he gives the green light, savannah-hackers will
approve the project right away.

> Sorry to bother you again, I found a little problem in 3.0.18:
> (Excerpt from alloc.c)
>   * This file is a part of the Zend scripting language engine.  It may
>   * be freely distributed as an integrated part of the PHP scripting language,
>   * or under the Zend license, which is not yet available at this time.
>   *
>   * Authors:  Andi Gutmans <address@hidden>, Zeev Suraski <address@hidden>
> seems this snuck in at 3.0.7
> I can't see this being GPL compatible.
> Which would leave us with three options:
> a) rewrite alloc.c and alloc.h .
> b) use alloc.c and alloc.h from 3.0.6
> c) rollback to 3.0.6
> I'm up for anything. rewriting these files will truly make xphp3 our
> own.

I think you are more qualified to make the technical decision than me,
the important thing is that we don't use the code with that
restriction, specially when it is bound to a non-available license!
(maybe now it is available, but it was not at that time).

> Seems to me that calling php3 GPL is a stretch :)

Thank you for your efforts!

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Hugo Gayosso
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