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[Savannah-hackers] GIF files report

From: savannah-hackers
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] GIF files report
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 12:50:46 -0500

    A mail asking to remove GIF files was automatically sent to
the following project members. The script generating this report
is and is run once a week from

Total: 35 projects and 2515 files. (4 files)
                Johan Rydberg   <address@hidden> (2 files)
                Tomasz Sandecki <address@hidden> (36 files)
                Simon Morlat    <address@hidden>
                sharath udupa   <address@hidden>
                Moizard <address@hidden>
                Gregg Siegfried <address@hidden>
                Amit Y  <address@hidden> (2 files)
                Alexandre Brillant      <address@hidden>
                Sanjay Debnath  <address@hidden> (2 files)
                Evan Sarmiento  <address@hidden> (12 files)
                Rob Savoye      <address@hidden> (4 files)
                David Sugar     <address@hidden>
                Anil Kumar K    <address@hidden>
                Enzo-Adrian Reyes       <address@hidden>
                Norbert Bollow  <address@hidden>
                Barry Fitzgerald        <address@hidden>
                Matthew M. Copeland     <address@hidden>
                Juergen Sawinski        <address@hidden>
                Simone Cortesi  <address@hidden>
                Bradley M. Kuhn <address@hidden>
                Ron Burk        <address@hidden>
                Andrew Mitchell <address@hidden>
                Joe Talarico    <address@hidden> (1 files)
                MeZoS   <address@hidden>
                spaghetti       <address@hidden> (4 files)
                David Sugar     <address@hidden>
                Anders Dahnielson       <address@hidden>
                Richard Sandor Bodo     <address@hidden>
                Fred Leeflang   <address@hidden>
                Richard Colley  <address@hidden>
                Andreas Damm    <address@hidden>
                Kai Germaschewski       <address@hidden>
                Zaheer Merali   <address@hidden> (1285 files)
                Loic Dachary    <address@hidden>
                Dan Kuykendall  <address@hidden>
                Joseph Engo     <address@hidden>
                Miles Lott      <address@hidden>
                Mark A Peters   <address@hidden>
                Bettina Gille   <address@hidden>
                Lars Kneschke   <address@hidden>
                Yoshihiro Kamimura      <address@hidden>
                Simone Cortesi  <address@hidden>
                Bob Schader     <address@hidden>
                Pablo Pessagno  <address@hidden>
                Josh Miller     <address@hidden>
                Jason Wies      <address@hidden>
                Chris Weiss     <address@hidden>
                Angelo Tony Puglisi     <address@hidden>
                Justin Bauer    <address@hidden>
                Eugene Sandulenko       <address@hidden>
                Raúl A. Betancort Santana       <address@hidden>
                Patrick Walsh   <address@hidden>
                Sam Wynn        <address@hidden>
                Brandon Neill   <address@hidden> (2 files)
                Ralf S. Engelschall     <address@hidden> (21 files)
                Jeff Bailey     <address@hidden>
                Gordon Matzigkeit       <address@hidden>
                Mark H. Weaver  <address@hidden>
                Paul Visscher   <address@hidden>
                Jonas Oberg     <address@hidden>
                Fernando Lozano <address@hidden>
                Georg C. F. Greve       <address@hidden>
                Aaron M. Renn   <address@hidden>
                Luis Miguel Arteaga Mejía       <address@hidden>
                Richard M. Stallman     <address@hidden>
                Bradley M. Kuhn <address@hidden>
                Csillag Kristóf <address@hidden>
                Loic Dachary    <address@hidden>
                Neelakanth Nadgir       <address@hidden>
                Mo McKinlay     <address@hidden>
                Pål Brattberg   <address@hidden>
                Jerome Dominguez        <address@hidden>
                Brian Youmans   <address@hidden>
                Karl Pradene    <address@hidden>
                Masayuki Hatta  <address@hidden>
                P. Blason & G. V. Felchero      <address@hidden>
                Nodir Gulyamov  <address@hidden>
                Song Chang-hun  <address@hidden>
                Leonard "Len" H. Tower Jr.      <address@hidden>
                Sergiusz Pawlowicz      <address@hidden>
                Lisa M. Goldstein       <address@hidden>
                Stephen Hilderbrand     <address@hidden>
                Josip Rodin     <address@hidden>
                Jason Cook      <address@hidden>
                Jamshed Kakar   <address@hidden>
                Hilaire Fernandes       <address@hidden>
                Brett Smith     <address@hidden>
                Joel N. Weber II        <address@hidden>
                Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim <address@hidden>
                Alessandro Rubini       <address@hidden>
                Lucas Wagner    <address@hidden>
                Joshua Oakes    <address@hidden>
                Matthew O\\'Connor      <address@hidden>
                Andrea Pescetti <address@hidden>
                Nicholas E. Walker      <address@hidden>
                Wojtek Kotwica  <address@hidden>
                Nicholas E. Walker      <address@hidden>
                Soam Vasani     <address@hidden>
                Eva Frantova    <address@hidden>
                Yiannis Valassakis      <address@hidden>
                Tran Tuan Anh   <address@hidden>
                Rick Luddy      <address@hidden>
                Jaime E. Villate        <address@hidden>
                Ron Peterson    <address@hidden>
                Paul Fisher     <address@hidden>
                Dmitry Sivachenko       <address@hidden>
                Mohit Agarwal   <address@hidden>
                Massimo Lusetti <address@hidden>
                Minor Gordon    <address@hidden>
                Javier Pulido Lopez     <address@hidden> (69 files)
                David Sugar     <address@hidden>
                Daniel Silverstone      <address@hidden>
                Zaheer Merali   <address@hidden> (10 files)
                Julien Mulot    <address@hidden> (130 files)
                Nacho González López    <address@hidden>
                Marcos Legido Hernández <address@hidden>
                Jose E. Marchesi        <address@hidden>
                Webmaster Traducción    <address@hidden>
                Webmaster Eventos GNUes <address@hidden>
                Webmaster de Licencias GNUes    <address@hidden>
                Webmaster Proyectos GNUes       <address@hidden>
                Webmaster Lengualibre GNUes     <address@hidden> (1 files)
                Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz        <address@hidden> (12 files)
                Aaron M. Renn   <address@hidden>
                Paul Fisher     <address@hidden>
                Jon Zeppieri    <address@hidden>
                Brian Jones     <address@hidden>
                Jochen Hoenicke <address@hidden>
                Bryce McKinlay  <address@hidden>
                Tom Tromey      <address@hidden>
                Mark Benvenuto  <address@hidden>
                Geoff Berry     <address@hidden>
                Mark Wielaard   <address@hidden>
                John Keiser     <address@hidden>
                Warren Levy     <address@hidden>
                Joseph C. Lesh  <address@hidden>
                James E. Blair  <address@hidden>
                John Leuner     <address@hidden>
                Eric Blake      <address@hidden>
                Artur Biesiadowski      <address@hidden>
                Alex Lancaster  <address@hidden> (40 files)
                Adam Fedor      <address@hidden>
                Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden>
                Mirko Viviani   <address@hidden>
                Manuel Guesdon  <address@hidden>
                Nicola Pero     <address@hidden>
                Jonathan Gapen  <address@hidden>
                Sungjin Chun    <address@hidden>
                Gregory John Casamento  <address@hidden>
                Michael Hanni   <address@hidden>
                Fred Kiefer     <address@hidden>
                Ludovic Marcotte        <address@hidden>
                Philippe C.D. Robert    <address@hidden>
                Pierre-Yves Rivaille    <address@hidden>
                Laurent Julliard        <address@hidden>
                Martin Brecher  <address@hidden> (1 files)
                Bruce Korb      <address@hidden>
                Gary V. Vaughan <address@hidden> (11 files)
                Hugo Gayosso    <address@hidden>
                Milan Zamazal   <address@hidden>
                Gerald Pfeifer  <address@hidden>
                Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>
                Michael Richardson      <address@hidden>
                Rick Macdonald  <address@hidden> (2 files)
                Ralf S. Engelschall     <address@hidden> (71 files)
                Michel STRASSER <address@hidden> (336 files)
                Dave Cost       <address@hidden>
                Urivan Saaib    <address@hidden>
                Georges Toth    <address@hidden>
                Eje Gustafsson  <address@hidden>
                Justin Mohr     <address@hidden>
                Bill Brigden    <address@hidden> (73 files)
                Vesa Kaihlavirta        <address@hidden> (13 files)
                Yann Dirson     <address@hidden>
                Benjamin Drieu  <address@hidden> (1 files)
                Camm Maguire    <address@hidden>
                Robert Alan Byer        <address@hidden>
                Vadim V. Zhytnikov      <address@hidden>
                David Billinghurst      <address@hidden>
                Robert Read     <address@hidden>
                Gene Michael Stover     <address@hidden>
                David Holmgren  <address@hidden> (68 files)
                Abhishek Nayani <address@hidden>
                Venkata Prasad Reddy    <address@hidden>
                Ries van Twisk  <address@hidden> (4 files)
                Robert Klos     <address@hidden> (31 files)
                Brian FRAVAL    <address@hidden> (1 files)
                Idan Sofer      <address@hidden> (1 files)
                Jürgen Vigna    <address@hidden> (1 files)
                Igor Izyumin Jr.        <address@hidden>
                Lance Edgar     <address@hidden> (224 files)
                Philippe Gerum  <address@hidden>
                Loic Dachary    <address@hidden> (33 files)
                Roland Mas      <address@hidden>
                Jaime E. Villate        <address@hidden>
                Christian Bayle <address@hidden>
                Tim Perdue      <address@hidden> (7 files)
                Mikael Djurfeldt        <address@hidden>
                Tom Tromey      <address@hidden>
                Mark Galassi    <address@hidden>
                Neil Jerram     <address@hidden>
                Dirk Herrmann   <address@hidden>
                Gary Houston    <address@hidden>
                Keisuke Nishida <address@hidden>
                Marius Vollmer  <address@hidden>
                Michael Livshin <address@hidden>
                Martin Grabmueller      <address@hidden>
                Thien-Thi Nguyen        <address@hidden>
                Rob Browning    <address@hidden>
                Stefan Jahn     <address@hidden>

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