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Re: [Savannah-hackers] Re: www: GIF files

From: Loic Dachary
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] Re: www: GIF files
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 19:13:02 +0100

Dmitry Sivachenko writes:
 > Well, I think it would not be polite to make such things with
 > pages of contributed software...

        I do not understand. You're a member of the www project whose
goal is to look after the whole web site, aren't you ? 
My apologizes if there was a mistake. We don't have a map that tells
us who to contact for these pages. 

        There is a total of 35 projects on the GNU machines with GIF files
in them. For most of them we know who is in charge ... except for the 
files listed below. That's why we rely on the www project volunteers to
help fix the issue. 

        There are not many files, it should be fairly easy to deal with
don't you think ?


 > ?
 > Hello, savannah-hackers.
 > On 19 января 2002 г., 20:50:50, you wrote:
 > shgo>     Hi,
 > shgo>     Could you please remove the following GIF files from the project
 > shgo> www hosted on the GNU machines ? 
 > shgo>     For an explanation on why there are not GIF files on the GNU
 > shgo> machines read This policy was
 > shgo> established years ago by the GNU project and is an integral part of
 > shgo> the requirements for every project registering on
 > shgo> (see
 > shgo>     The home page of your project is 
 > shgo>
 > shgo>     You can convert GIF files to PNG using the gif2png program.
 > shgo>
 > shgo>     Here is a sample script to convert the GIF files that are in
 > shgo> your web pages to PNG.
 > shgo>     export CVS_RSH=ssh
 > shgo>     cvs -d address@hidden:/webcvs co 
 > shgo>     cd 
 > shgo>     while read file 
 > shgo>     do
 > shgo>         gif2png -O $file.gif
 > shgo>         cvs delete -f $file.gif
 > shgo>         cvs add $file.png
 > shgo>     done <<'EOF'
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfconsole/cfconsole
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfengine-NT/img1
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfengine-NT/img2
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfengine-NT/img3
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfengine-NT/img4
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfengine-NT/l2h22381/img1
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfengine-NT/l2h22543/img2
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfengine-NT/l2h22543/img3
 > shgo> software/cfengine/cfengine-NT/l2h22543/img4
 > shgo> software/gnumeric/gnumeric3
 > shgo> software/gnumeric/gnumeric4
 > shgo> software/gnumeric/gnumeric5
 > shgo> software/gnumeric/gnumeric6
 > shgo> software/gnumeric/gnumeric7
 > shgo> software/gnumeric/gnumeric8
 > shgo> software/lilypond/docxx/down
 > shgo> software/lilypond/docxx/icon1
 > shgo> software/lilypond/docxx/icon2
 > shgo> software/lilypond/docxx/logo
 > shgo> software/mswordview/mswordview
 > shgo> software/nosql/NoSQL
 > shgo> EOF
 > shgo>     cvs commit -m 'Convert GIF to PNG'
 > shgo>         Thanks for your help,
 > shgo>         The GNU volunteers, address@hidden

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