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Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of Ly

From: Loic Dachary
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of Ly
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:36:19 +0100

B. Fallenstein writes:
 > Hi Loic!
 > Thanks for your considerance, but I think I need a little more help with
 > the license statements.
 > Loic Dachary wrote:
 > >         I'm a bit confused with the license of Ly. The tarbal contains
 > > the GPL, the LGPL and XPL.
 > And the FDL. Here is how *I* understand the situation:
 > - The source code to the program itself (in the src/ directory)
 >   is under the GPL.

        Right. I failed to see the license notices because they are
at the end of the file. Sorry about that.

 > - The documentation in the doc/ subdirectory is under the FDL.


 > - The examples in the examples/ subdirectory are under various
 >   free licenses, among them the LGPL/XPL dual license.


 > The reason for the latter is that the examples in question are taken
 > from real-life programs (GZigZag, <> in the case
 > of the latter) and I saw it as just an additional complication to
 > relicense them when including them in Ly (especially considering that I
 > update them in the Ly distribution when they're updated in GZigZag CVS).
 > Of course, I *could* relicense them under the GPL. However, as I would
 > also want to include other examples under other free licenses in the
 > examples/ subdirectory in the future, I would prefer a scheme that makes
 > it clear the files in this directory are under various licenses, and you
 > have to look into each source file to find out which license it's
 > published under.

        Multiple licenses are not a problem as long as they are compatible
with the GNU GPL (this is a requirement for software hosted on Savannah).

 > Does this make sense? What should I do to make it clear?

        I does. I apologize for not being careful enough when reviewing
the tarbal. Please submit the project again and I'll approve it.


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