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[Savannah-hackers] [ 100675 ] Sorcerer account

From: nobody
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] [ 100675 ] Sorcerer account
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 11:33:17 -0500

Support Request #100675, was updated on 2002-Mar-29 20:00
You can respond by visiting:

Category: None
Status: Closed
Priority: 5
Summary: Sorcerer account

By: David.Huff
Date: 2002-Mar-30 11:33

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Thank you for your response, I agree on all but one point.
"Often the thief speaks louder than the just man."
I hope someone can get back to savannah-hackers on that
matter soon.



By: yeupou
Date: 2002-Mar-30 10:51

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Actually, we have no "current standing". We have received an
email from Kyle, we have seen that it has been a strange
policy on user administration on this project recently.

If we should (this is my point of view, not the savannah
one) make a decision we should know the point-of-view of any
developpers that have been associated with this project on
savannah (on one common mail, why not).

Anything I have rode recently about sorcerer GNU Linux seems
really strange to me.

BTW, the problem need discussing, I dont think that a normal
request, I dont think the problem is related to savannah but
mainly related to sorcerer GNU Linux forked/not_forked.
About this, you should write your sentiments at

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