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Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of PUBMED-to -Email -

From: Mathieu Roy
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of PUBMED-to -Email -
Date: 14 Aug 2002 16:23:44 +0200
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address@hidden a tapoté :

> A package was submitted to
> This mail was sent to address@hidden, address@hidden
> Kurt Brauchli <address@hidden> described the package as follows:
> License: gpl
> Other License: 
> Package: PUBMED-to -Email
> System name: pm2mail
> Type: 2
> Description:
> pm2mail is a email interface for pubmed, the National Library of Medicine\'s 
> bobliographic database. pm2mail is intended for setting up services for 
> researhcers and medical professionals in countries with slow, unreliabel and 
> expensive online internet access.
> The current test version is running under:

Could you create a tarbal with the code as it now exists
and make it available to a temporary URL, and then resubmit ?

(you can resubmit your project with ease copying the big re-registration link 
provided in the mail you get when you have registered)

Mathieu Roy (GPG Key)

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