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[Savannah-hackers] Re: submission of Javapult Console Interface Library

From: Mathieu Roy
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: submission of Javapult Console Interface Library -
Date: 30 Nov 2002 19:18:39 +0100
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Julian Scheid <address@hidden> said:

> Hi,
> thanks for your reply. Just to make sure: the "right" copyright notice
> means the standard LPGL boilerplate text plus a statement like "(C)
> 2002 Julian Scheid" at the top of every file (source files, Makefile
> etc.) -
> correct?


> I wasn't aware that an existing tarball is required for
> acceptance. I will resubmit the package when I've got a working
> version on the net. Note that I will modify the description slightly
> to match a minor architectural change.

In fact, we only check licensing issues, not technical ones. So
whether your current version works or not is not a problem. 

IMHO, you should resubmit directly since using CVS, for instance,
helps a lot to develop and it's better to use thoses tools from the
start. Whatever the software is usable or not. 

Mathieu Roy
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