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[Savannah-hackers] Re: submission of Jogger Message Manager - savannah.

From: Mathieu Roy
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: submission of Jogger Message Manager -
Date: 01 Jun 2003 22:59:51 +0200
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I'm evaluating the project you submitted for approval in Savannah.

address@hidden said:

> A package was submitted to
> This mail was sent to address@hidden, address@hidden
> Jarek Zgoda <address@hidden> described the package as follows:
> License: gpl
> Other License: 
> Package: Jogger Message Manager
> System name: jogman-py
> Type: non-GNU
> Description:
> This project is GUI encapsulation of Jogger API. It consists of transport 
> layer, data management part and entity editing part.
> The idea behind this project was that Jogger is not too friendly for its 
> users, since its API requires at least basic knowledge of HTML markup and 
> website structure.

Could you please explain what is Jogger?

> The transport layer is a factory that may provide user an ability to
> send messages to Jogger directly from within an application. If the
> Jabber transport will be unavailable, tha application would act only
> as text processor and message managing tool.  The aplication is
> written in Python language and can be run on any system capable of
> running Python 2.2 version. External libraries include PyQT (QT
> bindings) and There\'s no provision for running this
> application outside systems, that are \"GNU-compatible\" (as in QT
> licensing scheme).

Please register your project again including a URL
(could be temporary) where we can find the source code.
The description you give during project registration will be
read by Savannah administrators and not by the general public;
if you are concerned with privacy, you can
send me a copy of the code by e-mail,

We would like to look at your source code, even if it is still
not functional, to help you fix potential legal issues which
would be harder to correct after the project gets approved.
For example, to release your program properly under the GPL,
you should write copyright notices and copying permission statements
at the beginning of every source code file,
as explained in

Please register your project once more with the changes mentioned
above.  The way we handle pending projects makes it difficult to keep
track of projects that have been answered but have not been approved
yet, so we erase them and we ask you to register the project again every
time some change has to be done to the registration, and users might
have to register their projects several times.  Thank you for your

Some users find it useful to use the big re-registration URL provided in
the acknowledgment e-mail you received after registration.


Mathieu Roy
  Not a native english speaker:

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