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Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of PythonLive: Educators Edition - sav

From: Arthur
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of PythonLive: Educators Edition -
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 20:59:11 -0500

> Hi,
> I'm evaluating the project you submitted for approval in Savannah.

Thanks for taking the time.
> "Linux" is just a kernel of a more complex system
> that we like to refer to as GNU/Linux, to emphasize
> the ideals of the Free Software movement.
> Would you mind changing references to Linux as an OS
> to GNU/Linux?
> For more information, see

Not at all.  I believe Knoppix refers to itself as a GNU/Linux system. It
*is* Debian at its core.  I am not a student of these matters - but
associate Debian as *the* GNU/Linux distribution, i.e. the distribution most
closely associated with the  Free Software movement. Is there substance to
that understanding?
> Note that Savannah supports projects of the Free Software
> movement, not projects of the Open Source movement.
> We are careful about ethical issues and insist on producing software
> that is not dependent on proprietary software.

I am supportive of being careful about these ethical issues.  I find it
particularly, most clearly, unethical to contemplate public education funds
used to teach people how to use proprietary,  fee-based software.  Which is
exactly what will happen more and more if the Free Software movement is not
insistent on the matter.

I happen to be quite conventional and mainstream in lifestyle, general
political stances, etc. and etc.  And I think it entirely mainstream to
object to students being taught on - say - the Windows operating system. The
idea that it might be acceptable is - to me - radical. But stranger things
have happened.

I won't preach to the converted - I'm sure - other than to say that the
project I have in mind is my own effort to influence this situation.

> While Open Source as defined by its founders means something pretty
> close to Free Software, it's frequently misunderstood.  For more
> information, read

Following some links on the subject  -  starting I think from your home
page - I found a series of serious articles comparing GPL to BSD and etc.

For my purposes, I am happy to have what I create used by others for any
purpose, other than to profit.  So think the GPL appropriate. And choose not
to spend too much energy - beyond that - educating myself on licensing
issues. Other than casually.

I hope to save my energies fighting the use of proprietary, fee-based
software in publically funded educational institutions  - with whatever
allies I can find.  Those interested in more ambitious and finely tuned
battles should have no reason not to be supportive of this kind of effort as

> Sorry but we can not accept your project because we do not host full
> operating systems.  We do not have the resources to host these kind of
> projects.
> Thank you for your understanding.

Understood.  Its kind of a hog to put up nearly a gig, just to get started.

Any suggestions?


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