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[Savannah-hackers] Re: [Sv-migration] Re: [Savane-dev] [IMPORTANT] GNU S

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: [Sv-migration] Re: [Savane-dev] [IMPORTANT] GNU Savannah migration from Savannah (the Software) to GForge - Why?!
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 00:27:49 +0200

I did not know you made that request. I temporarily remove you from the sv-migration list until we finish our discussion, and I will offer you to subscribe again then.


On 2004.04.08 23:38, Tim Perdue wrote:

I specifically asked to be excluded from all the political BS at the FSF.

DO NOT copy me on this crap, and remove me from any/all mailing lists that you added me to without my permission.

I volunteered to help FSF migrate their db to GForge format, not deal with endless internal bickering.


Sylvain Beucler wrote:


Thank you for asking.

After I saw references to moving to GForge and Hugo's question, I
tried to get more information.

The decision to move to GForge was made by Bradley Kuhn and the system
adminitrators, according to Richard Stallman. They considered Savane
could not be made secure enough. It would be interesting to discuss
that point, as Savane was just security audited.

I also mentioned that the GForge team do not value copyleft (notably
as defined in Affero's license) as much as Savane's do. RMS replied it
was similar to using Apache. After thinking about it, I find this
argument discutable since there is no copyleft technical equivalent to
Apache, unlike in this case.

Another comment I got, from the sysadmins, is that Tim Perdue is
willing to make the changes necessary to make GForge usable at
Savannah. Given our current wishlist:;
and that people at Savane know Savannah better than GForge's staff,
using GForge will add delays.

No discussion took place indeed, so we should have one right now :)
Post your thoughs.
As far as I am concerned I think upgrading to Savane would be better,
for the reasons above.

Last, I currently lack time to deal with Savannah, and nobody can help
me answering support request at the moment (there was an help offer,
but that person disappeared). I would be pleased to get have some help
from you. It is always difficult to add somebody in a team (hence
maybe Bradley's reply to your previous offer - I myself had to insist before Rudy and Hugo included me in the team), but I am concentrating some information on Savannah and should be able to answer most of your


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