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[Savannah-hackers] Re: Development proposition: Merging GForge and Savan

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: Development proposition: Merging GForge and Savane
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 10:53:45 +0200

(Please use this cleaned-up list for now on, where I removed people not concerned with this issue and people subscribed to mailing-lists, and added Tim Perdue which is directly concerned and not present in the previous recipients list)

I also have the feeling a merge could be done.

The GForge team could make an effort by eventually releasing the reporting module (which seems to be in progress anyway) and stop using the ransom model (that is discutable when applied to web services or provided in parallel via the 'Pro' services). A way to show good will would be to assign copyright to the FSF or make GForge a GNU project. Meanwhile, the Savane team could make an effort, forget all the old quarrels and join the GForge team.
Then a resulting product could take the best of the two approaches.

As for using colloquial words, it only makes people discard the rant (I do not say it for this message only).

The main valid reason why this is welcome is that it will lead to a better product, and it is worth the effort. Work duplication is only good for proprietary software, like our common competitor SourceForge.


On 2004.04.17 10:07, Mathieu Roy wrote:
Hugo Gayosso <address@hidden> tapota :

> First of all thank you very much for your efforts Lorenzo.
> "Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro" <address@hidden> writes:
>> I want to propose a "merge" of the projects , a new project with
>> the best things of each , a combination of the best of Savane and
>> GForge. I know this is really difficult , but , the only needed >> thing is consensus between developers.
> I think this would be great, I hope that both development teams
> take your proposal seriously so there are more developers for a
> single project instead of having duplicate efforts.

You may propose the GNOME and KDE to merge as well.

In fact, I'm not in favor of a merge of GForge and Savane:
   - The approach in matter of code design is not the same
   - The approach in matter of user interface is not the same
   - The approach in matter of licensing is not the same.

So, why a merge would be welcome?
    - Because a _wanker_ said nobody was still maintaining Savane
    just because some people do not say Amen to their latest fucking
    decisions, so he took the right to lie to save his face?

That's it? There are some persons around that really do not deserve
any help (and I'm not talking about Gforge people or savannah hackers) for the fucking inexistant support they provided over years but the fucking nuisance they created instead. No thanks to them, if Savannah, the service, is a piece of shit today, it's their work. If it was something better in the past, it's not. I'll think twice if ever I get involved in such project.

So what? Savane will die because nobody will be interested in
maintaining it? Why not, if it was meant to be. I have no shame to
have spent lot of time to that project when it was of use to the free
software developers. Now, it is probably time for disinvolvement, as
the time for politeness is over -- this shit clearly lead to nowhere,
and I need nobody to go down that road.

Mathieu Roy

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