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[Savannah-hackers] Re: Savannah Projects Approval (bis)

From: rafael2k
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: Savannah Projects Approval (bis)
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 13:22:42 +0000
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project: darksnow
yes, I want to host the project

rafael diniz

Em Seg 30 Ago 2004 22:36, Sylvain Beucler escreveu:
> Savannah project submitters,
> We would like to get a confirmation from all of you who registered a
> project at Savannah when we could not approve new projects.
> Just reply to address@hidden, mentioning:
> - the project system name you chose, and
> - whether you still want us to review your project for hosting at
>   Savannah, or not.
> If you cannot remember the project system name, try to give us as much
> information as possible, including the usual name of the project, your
> user account at Savannah, or the e-mail you used at the time of the
> registration.
> On September 15th, pending projects that were not confirmed will be
> deleted. We suspect that most of our remaining 500 projects are
> forsaken, but we would like to be sure that no project still
> interested in being hosted at Savannah will be inappropriately
> deleted.
> We had planned to do that about now, but since we asked you to only
> tell us about deleted projects, we now cannot determine whether a
> submission is still waiting for approving, or was simply not discarded
> by its submitter.
> We spent most of this last month on project approvals (we processed
> around 120-130 of them), and we got additional help from two new
> volunteers, Xavier Nicolovici and Thorsten Sauter, which means we now
> can answer new project registrations within few days.
> This is the last e-mail you will get from this list - and we
> double-checked that no member posting is possible; we apology for the
> previous 'spam'. When replying to this e-mail, you mail user agent
> should send mail to address@hidden, which is the preferred
> address to send your confirmation. We are going to close the list
> soon, since it will not be used anymore in the future (we will keep it
> up a week or two in case some people reply here instead of at
> savannah-hackers).
> Regards,

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