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[Savannah-hackers] [support #103717] lost account credentials/password

From: Michael Casadevall
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] [support #103717] lost account credentials/password
Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2005 15:29:11 -0500
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                Michael Casadevall <address@hidden>
                Sun 01/02/2005 at 20:13 (EST)

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Project: Savannah Administration
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On: Thu 12/30/2004 at 15:12

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Privacy:  Private
Assigned to:  sonicmctails
Originator Email:  address@hidden
Status:  Open

Summary:  lost account credentials/password

Original Submission:  My name is Dave Poirier, I seem to have forgotten the 
password for my account (which was left unused for a long period of time).  I 
tried to get my password e-mailed to me but I never received the e-mail, which 
leads me to believe the e-mail redirection must not be pointing anymore to my 
address@hidden account.  The previous e-mail accounts I had were:

address@hidden (past employer)
address@hidden (past employer)
address@hidden (past employer)
address@hidden (my old domain)
address@hidden (active)
address@hidden (active)
address@hidden (active)

I'm pretty sure the address@hidden is the one being used on your servers, but 
as this domain isn't registered to me anymore, I'm not sure where the emails 
are going.

Thanks for helping me recover my account.

Follow-up Comments

Date: Sun 01/02/2005 at 20:12       By: Michael Casadevall <sonicmctails>
Can you please post your username so I know which account to look for? The 
MySQL SELECT command is not showing any users with that email address. All 
accounts that have been unused since last December had there passwords and SSH 
keys erased after the break-in, requriing usage of the reset password feature. 
If you have a GPG key registered on Savannah, you can send me a GPG-signed 
message, and I'll reset your password for you.

For detailed info, follow this link:

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