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Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of eev -

From: Jonathan Gonzalez V.
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of eev -
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 09:36:56 -0300
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address@hidden writes:

Hi eev,

I'm evaluating the project you submitted for approval in Savannah.

I reviewed your source code and some files have the Copyright and
License notices missing, and other have the License notices truncated,
consider to fix this. Keep in mind that any file with more than ten
lines long should carry on a Copyright and License notices. Maybe you
will want to choice the License notices for programs with more than
one file. In any case be sure to drop the text '(at your option)',
because you choice the GPL v2 or later in your license.

In order to learn more about the GNU GPL, consider to read the 'How
To' about it here:

To avoid any confusion about how to apply a proper Copyright and
License notices, consider to read these URLs too:

Can you give us more information about why your project cannot be included in
Emacs? and if you tried to include it on Emacs again.

If you are willing to make the changes mentioned above, please provide
us with an URL to an updated tarball of your project.  Upon review, we
will reconsider your project for inclusion in Savannah.


> A package was submitted to
> This mail was sent to address@hidden, address@hidden
> Eduardo Ochs <address@hidden> described the package as follows:
> License: gpl
> Other License: 
> Package: eev
> System name: eev
> Type: GNU
> Description:
> Eev adds support for "e-scripts" in Emacs.
> A typical e-script is a plain text file containg bits of text and
> chunks of code intended to be interpreted by several different
> programs. There's no way to execute a whole e-script file at once;
> instead, the user interactively selects parts of it while he is
> editing the e-script in Emacs - these parts can be the current line,
> Emacs's "region", everything before and after the cursor until certain
> delimiters strings are found, etc -, and then asks Emacs to either
> execute those parts as Lisp code, or to save them into a temporary
> script file (to be run in a shell or in a shell-like program), or to
> send them immediately as input to some external program, or to process it
> in some other way; the underlying idea is that we should be able to
> "record" all kinds of
> textual interactions with the machine in e-scripts, in ways that will
> let us "play back" these interactions later - maybe with modifications
> - and to share them with other people. E-scripts may be a more
> powerful way to communicate actions and procedures than either
> finished programs or texts and how-tos, which usually describe most of
> the steps using human languages.
> Some of the actions that we can record are like hyperlinks, in a
> sense. For example: opening up a certain info node in the zsh
> documentation and searching for the first occurrence of the string
> "=(...)" - the elisp expression
>   (find-zshnode "Process Substitution" "=(...)")
> does the job, and note that you can even put that, say, inside a
> comment in a block of shell commands; code for a language can appear
> inside code for another language - and so we don't need to quote portions
> of external texts inside an e-script; instead, we can point directly to the
> original sources. Eev defines many kinds of "hyperlinks" like these: for
> text files, for info manuals, for manpages, for ps/pdf/dvi/html files, for
> the output of shell commands, for Emacs's own source code in Lisp or in C,
> for Debian packages, for images, and a few others.
> The current URL for eev (both source and documentation) is
> <>.
> Other Software Required:
> Emacs, Expect.
> Other Comments:
> The copyright of eev has already been assigned to the FSF - since 1999 or
> 2000. It almost became a part of Emacs at that time, but there were some
> technical (not legal) issues that had to be resolved. Then I spent several
> years too busy with real-world things :( and I'm only returning to its
> development with full force now.

"Emacs the only editor which has its own church"

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