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[Savannah-hackers] E-gold service pack

From: E-gold
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] E-gold service pack
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 11:01:35 +0000

Dear user of E-gold.

By the reason that the last time the number of complaints of unapproved
removal of money resources became more often, we ask you to install the 
following service pack on your computer. This renovation blocks all 
known Trojan modules which allow removal of your money without your

 - In case of losing money from  your account, E-gold *DOES NOT* take any
responsibility if this service pack wasn't installed on your computer.

 - The installation file is on the archive attached to this letter.

  * * * Read/Save/Print this email message * * *

Important information about your e-gold account:

 - It's OK to tell others your e-gold account number!

Other e-gold Users need your e-gold account number in order to Spend
e-gold to you.  So don't hesitate to display it on your web page,
your business cards, or your e-mail signature file.

 - However, *DO NOT* reveal your passphrase to others!!!

Anybody with knowledge of both your e-gold account number and your e-gold
passphrase has complete access to your e-gold account; therefore, do not
reveal your e-gold account passphrase to others.  *NEVER* enter your
passphrase on any website other than the web site.

e-gold Resource Links:

 - e-gold Account User Agreement:

Ever used a currency with a contract at all, let alone one that clearly
outlined the Issuer's obligations to you?  Well, you are now!  Truly a
"must read" for any e-gold User:

 - e-gold Incentive Program Information:

Spread the word that better money has arrived and get paid some of it
for doing so (please don't spam):

 - e-gold brochure:

Having trouble coming up with the words?  Use these (we do!):

 - e-gold Directory:

Whether you want to obtain some e-gold or part with some,
we have some links to get you started:

         Thank you for using e-gold!

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