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Re: [Savannah-hackers] arabic project should be GNU web-only

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] arabic project should be GNU web-only
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 01:04:16 +0100
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> > So far, we had very few web-only projects, so there were no
> > issue (except, now that I check, maybe the /gugve group, that
> > should be located at instead of IMHO).
> I agree, it should be moved to nongnu.

I see that the project owner is Luis Araujo, who is a GNU webmaster,
so you should be able to contact him and deal with the issue.

> > when I create a project for a translation team, whatever its
> > project type, I don't know where to store them.  [...] The
> > problem is to know where to store their personnal web pages.
> Well, I've just discussed that with RMS this week and we've
> concluded that translation teams' homepages will go into:
>   /server/standards/translations/
> (reference: <>)

Alas, I do not have a RT account. I'll ask for one.

> But, this decision doesn't mean that the savannah projects CVS
> should be tied to that location. Most of the translation leaders
> have access to through the www projects, so there's
> no need for extra CVS on those projects. Is that possible to
> setup on savannah? ie. having no CVS access at all for a project?
> Anyway, this is something we have to discuss with the team
> leaders. If they feel they need CVS access for their own teams'
> pages we could always tie them to
>   /server/standards/translations/projectname

It is possible, but here is how I see the process:

Apparently, the translation teams are a group of people. One of them
is the coordinator for a given language and is part of project
'www'. Others are not.

The team wants a CVS repository to maybe manage their translations
until there are ready for inclusion. Likewise, they maybe want their
own webpages, for example to publish a list of documents being worked
on and their completion percentage. And any other team-related feature
at Savannah.

So this is something that is not strictly related to, not
always needed, but since we can provide them it would not be nice not
to do so.

> > Currently, they are scattered in /software/teamname and
> > /teamname, AFAIR.
> Could you give me a complete list of CVS maps for web-only
> projects?
> I'll draw a discussion plan and it would be nice to have all the
> different cases on the table. If you can't, how can I get it,
> from sysadmin?

I have a list of theoretical mappings in the Savane database, but the
real mapping is done at, where we don't have access. I
suggest you request them to address@hidden

GNU projects map to but I don't think
there is any exception. You may want ask Jim to send that list as
well, though.

Last, I am not sure whether Jim's list include the project type (GNU
or In that case, I can provide a list of projects system
names and their type.

> > about whether a translation team (web-only, or broader) should
> > be marked as part of the GNU project on the Savannah website,
> > I suggest we ask the policy question to RMS.
> I guess its policy on translation teams being GNU is clear,
> as he decided to locate the teams' home pages under
> > It is possible to create another group type called
> > " translation teams" with special creation rules,
> That would be useful and would make things clearer for everyone.
> Thus, we could have the web-only projects for special cases, as
> you mentioned before, and web translations teams.

I feel the same.

> The GLUGs pages should be on, in my opinion.

We host 3 GLUGs AFAIK, and only the latest one is located in
web-only.. Others are located at It was surely some
misconfiguration from the Savannah hackers part (the hacker who setup
this project unfortunately left).

> > and it is also possible to create 2 projects for non-web-only
> > translation teams (one for, one for software).
> Sorry, I don't understand that. Are you talking about the arabic
> project? Then, I guess that only one project is needed, the one
> for translation. People who want to help translating
> GNU software into other languages should ask the maintainer to
> join the software project on savannah or ask how to proceed.

I mean one Savannah project for the team translating
documents, and one project for the team translating software, be they
the same people. Among others, depending on the context, they can have
the webpages and mailing lists created or

We do host translation teams not working on translating software,
because it is not always possible to contribute the translation
upstream, and also for the team to have an "HQ", mailing lists, bug
trackers & co.

So current task list is:

- cleanup webpages hosted at updated from Savannah

- create a group for translation teams; decide if mailing
lists are or, and confirm that team webpages (as
I defined them above) are store in

- create a separate group for the arabic project (and other project of
the same kind) for translations.

Does that look good?


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