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Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of Internet Point Client Server - sava

From: Paolo Sacconier
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of Internet Point Client Server -
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 12:16:28 +0100
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Jonathan Gonzalez V. wrote:
address@hidden (Jonathan Gonzalez V.) writes:


We did not get a response from you, so we deleted your project from
the pending queue.

If you would still like to have your project hosted at Savannah,
please register it again.

The re-registration URL found in our acknowledgment of your earlier
registration will direct you to the proper location where you can
re-register your project.


I've sadly to say that since we didn't attract new developers our work on this project is suspended.

Thank you for your time.

address@hidden (Jonathan Gonzalez V.) writes:


I am waiting for an answer from you.

If within one week I still do not get a reply, I will remove your
project. You will still be able to register it again once you have the
time to deal with the registration issues.


Paolo Sacconier <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Paolo Sacconier,

Jonathan Gonzalez V. wrote:

Paolo Sacconier <address@hidden> writes:
Hi Paolo Sacconier:
I reviewed your source code and you still having the Copyright and
Notices License missing in some .py, .ui and .html files, fix this

Can you tell me the names? Do you use any automated system to do this
check? It would be useful to me.

Sure, these files are: error.html, login.html and client.ui.

We do not use an "automated system" to do this job, in fact we cannot
use a script, this job should be do it very carefully. This is not a
job for a simple script.

Anyway I don't understand why .html and .ui files should contain
copyright notice, can you please explain me?

If you need to understand why we do this job very carefully, you can
read these URLs:

In the further tarball can you please remove all the files finished
with a '~'?

I gave you links to tarballs not ready to be released, I was just in
need of a place to receive contributors since I was going to present
the project publicly at the Linux Day in Turin...

Apologize if this request was a trouble or a hindrance for you, it's
just to do not waste time browsing such files.

Now it's late, next time I won't show any code in my savannah requests
if it will speed up the approval process.

We have a policy to approve projects without source code, but after a
month we monitor them looking for legal issues. If you want to take
this idea please let us know.

I'll wait your updated tarball.

Now I'm wondering what are you going to do with my tarballs, since
you've been so pedantinc till now.

Certainly, the answer sounds pedantic, but is not the idea of that
answer, apologize if you feel that this answer is pedantic I'll change
it in a near future.

Are you going to do the initial import for me?

If you want, we can do it for you but maybe you will want to do it by yourself.

Will you check the license of every file before I can add it in the CVS?

Yes, that's my job.


I'm workinng on this project in my free time, mostly alone, unpaid, do
you want to help me or make my project die? Should I stop putting my
trust in the free software foundation?

Like you, we do this job in our free time, unpaid and currently we are
understaffed, we have many projects submissions per day and is a lot
of job. No you should not stop putting your trust in the Free Software


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