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Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of fluxus -

From: asubedi
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of fluxus -
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 23:43:50 -0500

On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 12:28 -0500, address@hidden wrote:
> A package was submitted to
> This mail was sent to address@hidden, address@hidden
> Dave Griffiths <address@hidden> described the package as follows:
> License: gpl
> Other License: 
> Package: fluxus
> System name: fluxus
> Type: GNU
> Description:
> Fluxus is a small realtime render engine for linux that generates
> animation from sound. Procedural shapes can be built with values derived
> from the content of specific harmonics in the incoming sound. Also
> availible is a full physics system built from the ode library, and a
> simple artificial life flocking system. 
> Fluxus adheres to the livecoding philosopy (see
> and has been used on stage in live performance programming. The
> application consists of a 3D render engine built on top of OpenGL, which
> is bound via guile to a scheme interpreter. The user can control the
> application only by entering scheme commands or by running previously
> saved scripts, using the script editor GUI window.
> Other Software Required:
> Other Software Required:
> guile
> fltk
> ode
> fftw
> portaudio
> libsndfile 
> Other Comments:
> This project has been through this process once already - issues with
> portaudio's licencing have been resolved, and use of the term
> "copyleft" in the sourcecode will be removed prior to release on
> savannah. The previous Savannah admin was Alaska Subedi.

/* This is CC */


I have approved this project for inclusion in Savannah. Please remove
the term ``Copyleft'' from the source files before importing them in the
CVS. You should receive an automated message containing more information


Alaska Subedi

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