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[Savannah-help-public] SAVANNAH, CCNY Offers special pricing on SUN

From: CCNY
Subject: [Savannah-help-public] SAVANNAH, CCNY Offers special pricing on SUN
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:10:10 -0500

All Systems, and Servers listed on this page include our industry leading 3 year warranty. Our warranty reflects our commitment to the end user, and reinforces that we are not one of the many Resellers who rely on other inventories and tech support of a Reseller like CCNY.
Third party maintenance available on all your Sun Equipment Call for price and availblity on all your Sun Parts Needs
Sun StorEdge A1000 12 Bay Disk Array
24MB Cache Hardware RAID Controller
12 x 18.2GB 10K RPM SCSI (218GB)

SunFire E280 Rackmount Server
1.2GHz UltraSPARC III Cu Processor 8-MB External Cache
2GB Memory 1-73GB 10000 RPM FC-AL, 1 DVD-ROM 10 Drive
1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, 1 10/100BASE-T ENET
2 RS-232C/RS-423 Serial Ports, 2 560-Watt Power Supplies


Sun Fire 6800 Server
1 Sun Fire 6800 Cabinet, 1 Processor/Memory Board
4 1.05-GHz UltraSPARC III Cu Processors
8-MB ECC External Cache per Processor, 4-GB Memory
2 System Controllers, 6 Power Supplies
4 System Fan Trays and 2 Cabinet Fan Trays
1 PCI I/O Assembly, 1 Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Dual SCSI PCI Adapter, 4 Redundant Transfer Switch AC Modules
Media Tray with 2 18-GB Disk Drives, DVD-ROM, DDS-4 Tape Drive


SunBlade 2000 Desktop
900Mhz UltraSparc III CPU w/8MB cache, 1GB RAM
73GB 10K RPM FCAL, Creator 3D M3 24 Bit Color Graphics
Internal 32x CD ROM, 10/100BASE-T ENET, Keyboard Kit
SunFire V480 Server
2 1.2-GHz UltraSPARC III Cu Processors w/8-MB External Cache
4GB Memory, 2 73-GB 10000 RPM FC-AL
1 DVD-ROM 10 Drive, 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
1 RJ45 Serial Port, 2 USB Ports, 2 1440-Watt Power Supplies
4 Post Rack-Mount Kit w/ Cable Management Arm

X6799A PCI Single Fibre Channel 10/100 Adapter - $625.00
StorEdge T3 Battery Upgrade - $275.00
Sun X5243A 36.4GB 10K RPM SCSI - $250.00
Sun X7051A 2GB Kit for SunFire - $435.00
Also in stock.... SunFire V210's, V240's, V880's, 4800's, 4900

CISCO CATALYST 4006 Modular Switch 6 Slot Chassis WS-X4013 Supervisor Engine W/2 GBIC SLOTS Part # WSC4006S2

1000BASE-SX Short Wavelength GBIC Part #WSG5484
$ 150.00

4-Slot Modular Router With AC Power Supply Part # 3640
We can supply all proliant systems and storage:
alpha servers:
ES40 both unix and vms
ES45   "         "
DS20   "         "
older vax and alpha server systems and storage
memory tape drives and all other peripherals
Network Security - Network Storage
CCNY offers the most advanced products to date in Network Security and Storage. Products from Fortinet, Array Networks, F5 Networks, Bluecoat and BlueArc offer the "Best of Breed" technologies.
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