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Re: [Savannah-help-public] CVS difficulty

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: Re: [Savannah-help-public] CVS difficulty
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 00:12:10 +0200
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On Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 07:31:02AM -0500, Gregory Arthur Davis wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use Tortoise CVS to get access to the fhsst project.  I 
> believe that I have followed all of the steps that are posted on the FHSST 
> webpage at, but I can't get it to 
> work, it always asks for my password.  My username at savannah is davisg.  
> Is my account configured correctly on your end?
> Cheers,


Your keys are incomplete. You need to include "ssh-dss" at the
beginning. Check the key uploading page for an example.


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