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[Savannah-help-public] Catalog

From: jack
Subject: [Savannah-help-public] Catalog
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 01:52:12 +0800

Multi Catalog Factory

ShaTin Town Dongguan City Guangdong China

Mobile : 0086-137-2822-6527

Contact Person : Jack



Dear Madam/ Sirs,


Catalog (only for printing)

see the attached

Style  A  ------USD8.00/pc

Style  B  ------USD0.8/pc

Style  D  ------USD8.00/pc

Style  E  ------USD2.00/pc

Style  F  ------USD3.00/pc

Style  G -------USD1.50/pc

Style  H --------USD4.50/pc



Pls give us your feedback if you are interested in our products.






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