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[Savannah-help-public] Re: recovering groff repository

From: James Cloos
Subject: [Savannah-help-public] Re: recovering groff repository
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 12:51:15 -0400
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>>>>> "Werner" == Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> writes:

Werner> I've read that you have a copy of the groff CVS repository, and that
Werner> you have been asked to upload it.  Have you done this already,

It has been uploaded to the jhcfonts download directory in the file
/srv/download/jhcfonts/groff.tar.xz at s which makes
it available over http at:

Werner> and has your copy been installed?

That I do not know.

CVSROOT/commitinfo has these dates:

Access: 2009-05-24 21:18:28.000000000 +0000
Modify: 2009-05-24 21:10:06.000000000 +0000
Change: 2009-05-24 21:18:28.297451488 +0000

and groff/Changelog,v has:

Access: 2009-05-24 21:18:40.000000000 +0000
Modify: 2009-05-07 16:22:17.000000000 +0000
Change: 2009-05-24 21:18:40.418457219 +0000

to give an idea of how old the rsync is.

James Cloos <address@hidden>         OpenPGP: 1024D/ED7DAEA6

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