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Re: [Savannah-help-public] Should we use savannah for non-software open

Subject: Re: [Savannah-help-public] Should we use savannah for non-software open source GNU GPL project ?
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 10:30:32 +0200

Thanks Alfred for your advices.

ams wrote: "Please don't say that the GNU GPL is a open source license"
Sorry for my mistake.

ams wrote: "you are creating some kind of hardware "
According to us, instead of saying "hardware", we would prefer to say: a product potentially integrating a software, an hardware, a process and a service.

ams wrote: "and wish to license the schematics"
More than schematics, we would like also to license: processes for manufacturing; reasonnings which leads to schematics; name of the project; logos; howtos for assembling; ...

ams wrote: "under a free software license"
To be more precise, we would like to license all of our begining works, under the GNU-GPL license, after having giving precision to the definition of code source.

ams wrote: "I suggest you read the host requirements"
We've done. We saw :" For manuals, we allow only GNU FDL".
Does it means, using savannah it will be forbid  to license our works (schematics, name, and any other descriptions of specifications) under GNU GPL license ?


2012/4/7 Alfred M. Szmidt <address@hidden>

  [1:text/plain Hide]

  We know this question might be seemed stupid by many of us, but it is a
  real question.
  We are developping an open source project, certainty based on GNU-GPL
  license, but applied to non-software.

Please don't say that the GNU GPL is a open source license, the GNU
GPL is a free software license, and written by a group that puts the
rights of users first, not second -- the free software movement.
While it might be classified as an open source license, the open
source movement had nothing to do with the creation of the GNU GPL.

  Indeed, we are developping small wind turbines, around the same
  process of developpement of opensource 3D printers REPRAP project.
  We know that many will say "hey guys ! GNU GPL is for software
  !". Yes, we know. But, as written in the licence text and in
  explain in FSF web site, GNU-GPL could maybe be used for
  non-software purpose, under certain condition of code source
  definition. Then, we would like to try.

  Then, we wander if savannah could be used for our purpose, instead
  of using a standard wiki based developpement tool.  What do you
  think ? Possible ? Absolutly not possible ? Just try ?

As I understand it, you are creating some kind of hardware (wind
turbines) and wish to license the schematics under a free software
license.  That is all fine, I suggest you read the host requirements:

Happy hacking!

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