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[Savannah-register-public] Re: [task #7107] Submission of Kannada Transl

From: Omshiva prakash
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] Re: [task #7107] Submission of Kannada Translation project for GNU
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 16:42:26 +0530

Yes, we are already a team and we have many enthusiastic people around us willing to contribute to the project as mentioned earlier by Hari. I will take up the responsibility of coordinating the project.

The team is in process of making the translations simple for every one and we have been having discussions on the same.

It will be easy to speed up the process of translation if we have the cvs access (at least one for the team)

On Dec 19, 2007 10:18 AM, Hari Prasad Nadig < address@hidden> wrote:

On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 20:30 +0000, Yavor Doganov wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #5, task #7107 (project administration):
> (Please reply via Savannah)
> Hari Prasad Nadig wrote:
> > Very much. In fact, some of my journalist friends from
> > Kannada media are very keen to see a Kannada version
> > of GNU website since they've been writing about it
> > free software in the media but a Kannada version is
> > still to come out completely for people to read and
> > actually understand what GNU is about. They'll be
> > giving us feedback on translations et al.
> That is nice to know, but we have to make sure that the prospective Kannada
> leader can make decision and exercise judgement on his own, without relying on
> third party.  Are you going to be a member of the future Kannada translation
> project or you will replace Om as a leader?

Om shall be co-ordinating the efforts. I'd rather be a contributing
member at this moment although I can make decisions on translations as
I've had experience reviewing the Kannada translations for (mediawiki,
moodle, gaim [now pidgin], django). Om and I would be working closely
with discussions. We've discussed about this. We would surely not be
relying on third party for exercising judgement. All I meant was that
we'll also be *inviting feedback*.

> > I have translated few other pages. It'd be nice if we
> > can upload it directly our self (or if Om can upload it)
> > as there would be various modifications based on the
> > feedback received.
> Please submit them to <address@hidden>, thanks.  We would like to
> guide a single person through the process of establishing a translation team;
> giving advice to several people is not feasible.

Well, you don't need to. :-)
We're already a team.

>   Could you please discuss
> this with Omshivaprakash H L?  I gave a few pointers and guidelines when he
> applied for new Kannada project, and you both don't seem to follow them.

Kindly point us to the guidelines you've posted. We would be very glad
to read through them and follow.

> (FYI: It is acceptable more than one person to have CVS write access in the
> case of large teams with many contributors.  But this is not what we would
> like to do for brand new teams.)

How about giving our team the CVS access? We just need one account so
that updating the translations would speed up. Om doesn't seem to have
CVS write access yet.


 Hari Prasad Nadig

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