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[Savannah-users] Domain part of Message-IDs of commit messages

From: Reiner Steib
Subject: [Savannah-users] Domain part of Message-IDs of commit messages
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 21:33:10 +0100
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sometime between...
| Sat, 17 Nov 2007 09:48:19 +0000 <address@hidden>
| Sat, 17 Nov 2007 10:32:50 +0000 <address@hidden>
the domain part of the Message-ID the commit message mails for Emacs
changed from "" to "localhost.localdomain".

Could this be changed back, please?

The domain part of a Message-ID (MID) should better be a full
qualified domain name.  For AUCTeX's commit/cvs lists, I have set up a
spam filter that checks the subject and MID.  ""
is quite nice for this because it is very unlikely that a spammer uses
it in the MID, in contrast to the bogus "localhost.localdomain".

Bye, Reiner.
      (o o)
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