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[Savannah-users] [SVN+SSH] Permission denied (publickey).

From: Skami 18
Subject: [Savannah-users] [SVN+SSH] Permission denied (publickey).
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 19:55:37 +0100
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I'm trying to upload my source code in the SVN repository of my new

I cannot access to the SVN server using the SSH protocol:

I can download the content of the repository using the SVN protocol
without the SSH protocol, but the write-access to the repository seems
to require an SSH connection.

When i try to access the repository using SVN over SSH, i get an error

    $ svn co svn+ssh://address@hidden/wui 

    Permission denied (publickey).

    svn: To better debug SSH connection problems, remove the -q option from 
'ssh' in the [tunnels] section of your Subversion configuration file.

    svn: La connexion réseau a été fermée de façon inattendue


How can I setup my savannah project to allow use of SSH ?!

Thanks in advance !

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