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[screen-devel] Re: plans

From: bill
Subject: [screen-devel] Re: plans
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 22:17:11 +0000
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Rafal Maszkowski wrote:

What I plan to do is:
- include my sockdr/status patch - I use it successfully since some 2 years
- probably include Bill's patch
- applying some Linux and GNU software distributions patches
- think about more consistent vi movement in the scroll buffer
- work on optimizing resize if time allows (my time resources are very tight)
- new zombie command argument is not described in the manpage

I might be a little off base here, as I've only spent maybe 15 hours looking at the code...but it strikes me that, well, it's in pretty desperate need of cleaning up.
For example, lines 1171 to 1182 of screen.c appear to have absolutely no
effect whatsoever.   And 1029 lines in main?  I got it down to 307 in a
few hours, with over 200 of that still devoted to parsing the command line.
A lot of the code is far more obscure than it nees to be, and far from the
gnu standard. I think a reasonable plan is to start a serious effort at cleaning things up.

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