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xterm scroll history instead of screen

From: Shawn McMahon
Subject: xterm scroll history instead of screen
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 09:12:03 -0400
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Ok, here's one I'm having trouble Googling, since "screen" is such a
common word:

When I run screen on a system I'm accessing under gnome-terminal, if I
set the TERM variable to xterm (the default when SSHing) or gnome, as
soon as I run screen I lose my scrollbar.

If I set TERM to vt100 or vt220, I keep my scrollbar, but I have weird
video crap going on that makes it various degrees of unusable.

Anybody got a fix?  I'm using gnome-terminal-2.2.1-1 (Debian Unstable)
on the client, and screen-3.9.11-3 (RedHat 7.3) on the server.

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