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Re: Neat ideas for "caption always ..."

From: Raymond Page
Subject: Re: Neat ideas for "caption always ..."
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 23:52:00 -0400
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I have got to say that I've seen some neat caption lines from the irc channel. I forgot who showed me my favorite, but it was great for splits, it turned on the listing for the selected window, and dimmed all but the selected window for the other splits.

Well, my nearest recreation uses a hardstatus/caption combo to achieve something I'm content with. Note the scrolling window list action in mine.

My screenrc coupled with my bash prompt, provide me with everything I could care for, and where I think it should exist. I like attempting to duplicate the windows taskbar look, so I put the clock in the right hand corner where it will never get overwritten or shoved off.

Anyhoo, not sure who cares, hopefully someone lurking or searching for info might find it useful.


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