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Re: trouble with ttys in log

From: Jim C.
Subject: Re: trouble with ttys in log
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 12:35:19 -0700
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To log everything that root does, try "script" instead of screen.
Put "script log.$$.$(basename $(tty))" or something similar in
your .bash_profile - or a little script that also mails the
resulting file to some administrative account.

If you really want to use screen - also no problem. Tell your
.bash_profile to create a .screenrc.$$ and tell screen to use
this .screenrc - and just put a logfile command into that
temporary .screenrc :-)

In any case, this doesn't prevent anyone from running
   "su root /some/other/shell"
so you might not get what you really want - logging of _ALL_ root
activities. Other shells might not read .bash_profile ;)

Well what I was trying to get was a strictly text file. This is exactly what I had against script. It seems I can't get that with screen either, though. I don't suppose there is a utility somewhere for converting ansi to ascii?

Jim C.

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