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Crypt issue

From: Simian Vector
Subject: Crypt issue
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 13:17:41 -0700


After rebooting my FreeBSD5.1 box for the first time in a few months,
screen was no longer accepting my password for reattachment.  After
some digging around, I discovered that somewhere along the way my
default password format (as controlled by crypt_default in
/etc/auth.conf) was changed from DES to Blowfish.  On FreeBSD (and
possibly elsewhere) this affects the behavior of the crypt() function
call.  I tried to generate a new password, and screen gave me a
Blowfish-format password, but it did not recognize it on re-entry
(possibly an issue with character set conversion for non-alphanumeric
ciphertexts?).  Changing my default format back to DES solved the
problem, but that's not a long term solution, since I want to move
back to Blowfish for system security.

This is under screen 4.00.02, the latest in FreeBSD ports.

Am I correct in assuming Screen doesn't properly handle Blowfish
crypt?  If true, it seems it should specify DES when using crypt via
crypt_set_format("DES") (Again, not sure what the implications of this
are with non-BSD systems, and there seems to be a synchronization
issue, since it looks like a global value).

Any other recommendations?

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