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Re: action upon re-attach

From: John Davidorff Pell
Subject: Re: action upon re-attach
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 02:18:40 -0700

In the last hour I put together an almost working patch, which I decided Sucks Balls™ at the last moment due to the unfriendly nature of multidimensional arrays (and my lack of sleep). Basically I can do a single word command, but I want more.

I was trying to implement it in such a way that the message is sent to the screen /immediately/ before attach, so it begins (more or less) /at/ attach. This, however, is just a coded example of "screen -X something; screen -r", which has undesirable results (any previously attached session gets the command, and switches windows, and if -xRR the new screen does NOT move to the new window... Go Figure™).

I'm thinking that the best way to make this work as desired is to build it into the attach routine (not the attach() function, but the back-end "I'm getting attached to" routine, which I have yet to look at).

Anyone out there want to offer some tips... or code? :-D


P.S. Are pretty patches to screen being accepted? If so, I would be happy to convert the old style function headers to proper form. Do I need to patch against CVS? (if so, where is it???)

On 23 Sep 2004, at 12:45, Tom Huckstep wrote:

Hello John,

I read your post to the screen-users mailing list about "re-attach
and open new window" functionality in screen.

I'd be interested in exactly the same thing.  Have you had any further


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