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Re: switch between sessions ?

From: Mikael Schönenberg
Subject: Re: switch between sessions ?
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 17:16:42 +0200

On 5/19/05, Marc Chantreux <address@hidden> wrote:

> to switch from I to W, i c-aD and run screen -RDS W. is there a way to
> do it faster ?

Nested screen sessions.

Have an outer screen session (preferably with a very slimmed config -
no hardstatus, no magic, possibly with another escape key than your
normal). Start your outer screen, create two windows, run 'screen -RDS
I' in one and 'screen -RDS W' in the other.

> another way to resolve my problem is to have something like 'windows
> group' in one session. does it exist ?


Mikael Schönenberg <address@hidden>

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