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screendump of screen

From: foo bar
Subject: screendump of screen
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 10:22:35 +1000

Hi everyone,

Is there an application that can attach to a screen session, reads
what the screen looks like, and dumps it to an image (png) ?

Is this possible ? Can anyone explain how screen internally works ?
All I know is (which can be totally wrong) that it communicates using
named pipes and doesn't use (n)curses.
But what is being communicated on those pipes ? or it doesn't use them
altogether ? What about ptys ?

A little background note,
I've just finished rewriting and improving an application that dumps a
system's virtual console to a png file. The idea is, you start up
top/iptraf on the console, and you can watch it over the web. Main
problem is I couldn't figure out how to interact with the console over
the web (ie. stop iptraf and start top etc). ttysnoop seems to do
this, but compilation fails on my machine, and screen seems to be a
more elegant choice.

Any quick pointers will be greatly appreciated. Today is the start of
a long weekend here.


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