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Re: Reestablishing ssh connections via screen

From: Brian Mathis
Subject: Re: Reestablishing ssh connections via screen
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 14:58:39 -0400
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JCA wrote:
   Is it not the case that this would reconnect, but spawning a new
shell? I would like to reconnect to the same shell, which might be
running other applications.

This is the typical way to use screen:

- Turn on your laptop, open ssh connection to the server
- On the server: type 'screen'
- screen will give you a shell, just like when you log in normally
- Do work that you need inside that shell
- If you get disconnected, such as when you turn off your laptop, screen will still be running on the server - When you want to reconnect, turn on your laptop, and connect through ssh to the server again - type 'screen -D -R' to resume screen where it was before you turned off your laptop.

It is not possible to resume the exact SSH connection when you turn off your laptop because networking doesn't work that way. Instead, you must create a new SSH connection and then use screen to resume what you were doing inside the screen session.

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