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Re: Reestablishing ssh connections via screen

From: Andy Goth
Subject: Re: Reestablishing ssh connections via screen
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 13:08:43 -0500
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JCA wrote:
>    I would need to be able to open several, independent screen
> sessions on different windows, and automatically reattach to each of
> them correctly and separately after bringing the notebook back online
> again. Is this possible with a combination of autossh and screen?

One option is to run multiple windows in the screen session.

Here's just enough to get you started:
- Create new windows with ^a^c
- Switch windows with ^a^a
- Delete a window by closing its shell
- Get help with ^a?

You can have all ssh'es to a given server connect to the same screen
session, then in each xterm display a different window.

Regarding your other question, screen runs on the server.  Here's an
analogy to help confuse you.  Screen is a text-mode vnc server, xterm is
the vnc client, and ssh is the network link.

Andy Goth

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