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Re: Locking screen

From: Michael Schroeder
Subject: Re: Locking screen
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 11:23:42 +0200
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On Mon, Jun 27, 2005 at 08:25:01PM -0400, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
> I'm having an issue of minor annoyance with screen and idle locking.
> I've got "idle 600 lockscreen" set in my .screenrc
> I also have a "password teH0wLIpW0gyQ" set (that's test, crypted).
> My problem is when the screen autolocks, it first asks me for my login 
> password (I assume it's calling "lock" with the options to make it read 
> /etc/passwd and not time out, in this case -n -p), and then it asks me for 
> my screen password.

Yes, I know that it's somewhat strange that screen asks for two
passwords. The problem is that the screenrc file gets read by the
"backend" process, but the locking is done by the "frontend". So
the lock process simply doesn't know about your screen password.

We could change the code so that the password query is done by
the backend, but what happens if the backend dies (e.g. because you
attached from somewhere else and killed the session)? In that case
the frontend must not fall back into a shell.

With other words, it is doable, but it's not a simple code change.


Michael Schroeder           address@hidden

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