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screen 4.0.2 on cygwin patch

From: Jeremy Lin
Subject: screen 4.0.2 on cygwin patch
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 13:30:08 -0700

Quite a few months ago, I made an attempt to get screen 4.0.2 running
on cygwin. I was far from fully successful and my need to run screen
on cygwin since then has waned. But since I haven't seen any cygwin
patches for 4.0.2 out there, I figured I would share what I had in
case anyone else would find it useful.

The attached patch applies to the stock screen 4.0.2 distribution. The
resulting binary will require a fairly recent cygwin dll (post early
2005) -- one of the things I found was that screen would not reattach
because cygwin at the time did not implement chmod on fifos, but that
was pretty promptly fixed after I brought it up on the cygwin mailing

The basic functionality that works now is detaching and reattaching
with 'screen -r'. 'screen -x' does not work, and I'm sure a number of
other things also don't work. A curious thing about reattaching is the
following: I use rxvt, and if I start up screen and then detach, then
reattaching will not work. First I need to close that rxvt terminal
and then open a new one; running 'screen -r' now works. So in summary,
reattaching seems not to work in the original terminal that I started
the screen in.

Another funny thing is that in the seven or so months since I last did
any work on this, cygwin appears to have become broken somehow, in
that screen's configure script no longer runs properly. A 'conftest'
executable generated during the configure process appears not to exit
properly, and this causes attempts to delete conftest to fail.

For that reason, if there is any interest, I'd be willing to post my
compiled screen.exe somewhere.

A final note is that I only run cygwin on Windows XP. I've gathered
from other patches out there that there may be some issues with cygwin
on older versions (e.g., Windows 98), but I have no idea if that
applies here.

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