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Re: Setting DISPLAY on the screen shell

From: Phil!Gregory
Subject: Re: Setting DISPLAY on the screen shell
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 00:03:23 -0400
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* JCA <address@hidden> [2005-08-04 11:49 -0700]:
>   When I establish a connection by means of ssh, from a host A to a
> host B, I can use the output from the 'who am i' command in B so that
> in the shell created in B by the connection, the DISPLAY variable is
> set so that the output from X commands in B is sent to A.

Might I suggest using X11 forwarding through ssh instead?  Either run
'ssh -X' or set ForwardX11 to "yes" in your ~/.ssh/config.
(All assuming you run OpenSSH or's SSH1.)  This will cause ssh to
set up $DISPLAY for you.  You also get the benefit of having your X
traffic encrypted, too.

> I thought that one could encode such data by means of the -S option to
> screen, but the problem is that, once the shell created under screen is
> up and running, I do not know how to retrieve that information.

You can get the IP address of of the ssh client in the environment
variable $SSH_CLIENT.  From that, you should be able to set your
$DISPLAY.  But I really recommend using ssh for it if you can.

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