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Re: Setting title for ssh windows

From: Eric D. Hendrickson
Subject: Re: Setting title for ssh windows
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 18:15:29 -0500
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This has been covered before I think, but the general answer is based
on what shell you use.  I use tcsh, and tcsh has a built-in variable
called cwdcmd, which is by default executed after every "cd" command
is issued.

I have the following in my .cshrc file:

if ($?TERM && ($TERM == "xterm" || $TERM == "screen" || $TERM == "rxvt")) then
  alias cwdcmd 'echo -n "]2;"/address@hidden"$cwd]1;"{$HOST}""'

This sets the titlebar to "/address@hidden/PATH" (in a url-like format).
The latter part of the echo statement sets the icon title in the event
of a minimized window, and has no effect when not using a graphical
window system.

If the control characters in this don't make it through, let me know
and I can send you a gzip'd file instead.


Svend Sorensen <address@hidden> writes:

> Is it possible to automatically set the title of a ssh window to the
> hostname of the remote machine?  How would this be done?
> Thanks,
> Svend
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