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Re: patch in progress: moving windows in windowlist

From: Xavier Nicollet
Subject: Re: patch in progress: moving windows in windowlist
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 15:42:20 +0200
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Le 24 août 2005 à 15:16, Xavier Nicollet a écrit:
> [...]
> There are still some problems: I don't understant the UTMPOK part, same
> for the WindowChanged.
> If someone could help me, I guess it would make screen more
> user-friendly.

Ok, I made a new patch, which should take care of the UTMP and
multiusers stuff. It also deals with holes in the windowlist like in
this example:

        Num Name Flags
        0 bash
        1 mutt
        2 domaines
->      3 xavier
        9 python

Here, you can move the 'xavier' window up, by pressing 'P' or 'K'. The
'domaines' window will take its place. If you press 'N' or 'J', it
increments its number to 4.

The patch is attached. You can also download it from:

IMHO, it is ok for testing and inclusion. I can update the documentation
as well.


Xavier Nicollet

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