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Re: auto copy-mode and urxvt

From: Phil!Gregory
Subject: Re: auto copy-mode and urxvt
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 23:06:24 -0400
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* Aaron Griffin <address@hidden> [2005-08-29 09:58 -0500]:
> I've been trying to setup the "automatically enter copy mode to scroll"
> with C-Up/C-Down.
> I've tried a variety of quoted-insert values.  It seems to work fine for
> xterm and putty (from work), but when trying to do this under urxvt, it
> doesn't do anything (C-Up/C-Down are passed through to the application)

Well, if they're being passed through to the application, that's good in a
sense--at least the terminal emulator isn't intercepting them.  To see
what sequence you need to capture, just do

  cat > /dev/null

then press C-v (which will quote the leading escape character) and press
C-Up (or any other key you want to try).  When I do it with xterm, I see
something like this:

  $ cat > /dev/null

The "^[" represents the escape character (as you probably know; I'm just
being completist).  Use C-d to stop cat and get back to your shell.

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