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Re: changing lower prompt

From: Thomas Köhler
Subject: Re: changing lower prompt
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 07:49:36 +0100
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Anthony Ettinger wrote:
> I want to stick a path or filename and/or both if possible.
> Right now I get "1 BASH      2* BASH"
> would be nice to have which file I have open, just filename I guess.

For me, it's not completly clear what you want.

But just if I understood correctly...

I use zsh, and in my precmd function (that gets executed each
time before a prompt is drawn) I set my prompt to something that
contains "kzsh" (note: That is an escape character, then k,
then "zsh", then an escape character again). If I run inside
screen, this sets the current window title to zsh; if I run
outside screen, I see an extra "zsh" in my prompt...
(bash has the PROMPT_COMMAND that can be used for something like

Then, in my preexec function (that gets executed each time before
a command is being executed) I check for $TERM=screen, and if it
matches I get the first word from the commandline (usually the
command without the arguments) and echo -e -n "\033k$word\033".
That way, I see the current command in screen's title (that is
displayed in the hardstatus line).

I'd expect you could adapt bash's PROMPT_COMMAND to be something
like "echo 'k' $PWD ''" or similar. Unfortunately, bash hangs
when I try something like that. Something seems to be wrong with
my version of bash...


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