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so powerful it makes you want to do more with it

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: so powerful it makes you want to do more with it
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 00:28:26 +0000

I know it sounds like a spam for something beginning with X and ending
in ax. But it's not. It's a question about screen.

The best way for me to ask this question is to describe what I want to

At home I have a machine which is my gateway to the Internet. I use it
for all sorts of things - it has my webserver on it, my MTA and it
also has various VPNs running on it.

One of the things it has running on it is a UML (User Mode Linux)
instance. I always use screen to run UML in because it's easier to
admin then (screen can be like a real linux console).

I also have a laptop which I also run screen on and there I do most of
my work.

Occasionally I have to connect to my gateway from my laptop.

Then I end up with the gateway screen running inside the laptop

Whenever that happens I wish that I could see the gateway screens IN
the screen that I'm running from my laptop.

So what I want is: when I connect from one screen to a sub-shell
running another screen to push the sub-screen's context up into the

Clearly it can't be done at the moment... but it seems to me like it's
the sort of thing that other people might want.

I don't see that this would be impossible to make screen do... a new
reconnect option would be needed, one that knew how to talk back to
the parent screen. If the parent screen were listening on a socket
then ssh could forward the socket to the client and the sub-screen
could find it.

Anyway... is anybody else interested in this?

Nic Ferrier

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