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screen -a

From: Dan
Subject: screen -a
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 00:04:19 -0500
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Hello Everyone,

I was attempting to get screen to correctly display colors and the like, and one of my attempts included running screen -a. This has caused havoc on my terminal settings for screen. Basically, screen completely ignores my TERM settings, whether I use the -T option, export TERM, or leave it alone. I'm running this on a FC4 box, and prior to screen -a, my terminal was detected as screen.linux. It is still detected as such, but seems to ignore the settings; even after I restart screen. I looked for any files it may have modified, and cannot find any (find / -mmin -60 and strace -o /tmp/screen.trace screen -a).

Right now, my status bar on the bottom is strange colors and doesn't redraw properly, and CTRL-L causes the screen to go yellow. This is quite bizarre....

I'm using PuTTY with linux term.  Any ideas what this could have changed?


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