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Re: Article about screen scripting

From: Gerhard Siegesmund
Subject: Re: Article about screen scripting
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 10:26:31 +0200
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Hello Ian

Thanks a lot for your annotations. Very much appreciated! I will
consider reediting the article to add them.

> One comment is that 'screen -X' will be disabled if you have set a
> screen password.

Good point. I never used the screen locking. But people might stumble
upon it.

> You might want to mention that you can achieve similar functionality
> through the monitoring commands C-A _, and C-A M.

Thats right. But I excepted the users to already now about those basic
things. :)

> --
> screen-graph-script
> --
> While interesting, I'm not sure why I wouldn't bypass screen and just
> feed the output of command XYZ through gnuplot itself instead of
> scraping off of screen; I'm having a hard time thinking of an example
> where I can't just get at the text directly and would have to go through
> screen to get at data.

Well. It is somehow helpful here at work, as I just have to create a
oneliner in my shell to output the data I want to track. Then I start
screen-graph in a loop and have on-the-fly informationen about progress
on one of my screen windows.

Sure. You could just output the text to an file and pass that to
gnuplot. I find it very comfortable to just output the data somewhere
without cluttering my home directory with temporary files I myself have
to remember to delete. Another bonus is the backbuffer of screen. It
has a given length. So I can just left the data-gathering running. I
will always see the last x numbers in my graph. Using detaching I can
easily let the data-gathering running for days.

> > I am right now thinking about writing a small tutorial about the
> > multiuser-capabilities of screen, as they also are not very widely
> > known, me thinks.
> My friends and I are very interested in exploring
> multiuser-capabilities; the ACLs seem to be the barrier to entry for us.

Yes. The ACLs are particulary hard to understand. I will have to look
if I myself really have groked the functionality.

Thanks again for your comments.

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